Land Clearing & Brush Hogging.

Whether you're seeking to thin out unwanted trees encroaching on your property, mitigate storm damage, or reclaim open spaces overrun by invasive species, Workhorse possesses the expertise and specialized equipment to tackle the job effectively. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Field Mowing - Brush Hogging - Lot Clearing - Thinning - Storm Damage Clean Up - Stumping - Chipping.

We can clear your property, stump it, and plant if for grass.

We can handle large material.  

Field Mowing & Stump Grinding.

I love what I do!  

Brush Hogging.  

Reclaim the view you know is there. Job scope-of-work (below) and results images above 2 images.

Workhorse has decades of experience with controlled burns.